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Team members

Group leaders / Professors

  • Prof. Dr. Patrick De Baetselier
  • Prof. Dr. Geert Raes
  • Prof. Dr. Jo Van Ginderachter
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  • Dr. Alain Beschin (Parasite Immunobiology & liver immunobiology)
  • Dr. Damya Laoui (Heterogeneity of tumor-associated macrophages)
  • Dr. Kiavash Movahedi (neuro-immunology)
  • Dr. Benoît Stijlemans (Anemia associated with chronic diseases, including African trypanosomiasis)

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PhD students

  • Chloé Abels (Heterogeneity of liver macrophages)
  • Ana Rita Antunes (Heterogeneity of myeloid cells during glioblastoma multiform)
  • Evangelia Bolli (Targeting of macrophage mannose receptor on tumor-associated macrophages)
  • Stefano Bonelli (Targeting of neuropilin-1 on tumor-associated myeloid cells)
  • Xenia Geeraerts (Metabolic regulation of distinct TAM subpopulations)
  • Jiri Keirsse (Heterogeneity of myeloid cells during hepatocellular carcinoma)
  • Maté Kiss (Inflammasome activation in myeloid cells during cancer)
  • Amanda Sparkes (Targeting of the MIF-CD74 axis)
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